Ready to discover the SNC Funding Difference? Below are the easy steps to start growing your real estate business today:

1) Call us for a Consultation and get Pre-Qualified!
Call us at (214) 310-4117 for a consultation and get our Investor Starter Package., You can complete the form and submit it to us or we can take your information on the phone to get you started right away! As a true Relationship Lender, we want to learn more about your business needs and your goals. During the initial consultation, we will explain our programs and determine together the best option for you.

2) Get Proof of Funds Letters
Once you have been Pre-Qualified, you will receive a Conditional Term Sheet outlining in detail the terms and conditions, which will also allow you to obtain Proof of Funds letters for your deals. Proof of Funds Letters will enable you to make competitive offers on your investment properties and prove to sellers that you are REAL.

3) Submit a Deal for Quick Closing.
After your offer has been accepted, simply complete and fax in the standardized SNC Funding Deal Submission Package. We will immediately start processing your loan for a quick closing should it meet the underwriting criteria.

4) Direct Wire Rehab Draws
Rehab funds are advanced in draws, and wired directly to your account. The typical project is completed in 1-4 draws.

5) Repeat!
Watch your rehab business grow - and your profits multiply - from the added volume of deals you can do with the help of SNC Funding.

call us at (214)-310-4117 or email us at

                                                                               Funding the Dream
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