Rehab Rent Calculator

Instructions: Type values into the yellow cells. Then hit 'Calculate ROC'.

Acquisition Costs
Home Price: $
Repairs: $
After Rehab Value (ARV): $
Maximum Loan Amount: $
Actual Loan Amount (lesser of Max Loan Amount / Purchase + Repairs): $
Closing Costs and Fees:  % $
Additional Out of Pocket for Repairs: $

Carrying Costs
Loan Interest Rate:   %
Monthly Loan Payment: $
Duration (months):    months
Total Interest Paid: $
Property Maintenance (per month): $
Total Maintenance Paid: $

Refinance Costs
New Loan Interest Rate:   %
Closing Costs:  % $
Total Out of Pocket: $
(Purchase Closing Costs + Additional Repairs + Total Maintenance
+ Total Interest Paid on Old Loan + Refinance Closing Costs)
New Monthly Loan Payment: $
Taxes & Insurance (per month): $
Miscelaneous Expenses (per month): $
Total Monthly Expenses: $
Rent: $

Return on Investment
Monthly Profit: $
Annual Profit: $
Years to Return on Cash (ROC):    years
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