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The Specialized Spendthrift Trust Overview was created to share a wealth of information about the:

  • Very unique
  • Highly-specialized 
  • Copyrighted
  • Non-Grantor 
  • Irrevocable
  • Complex 
  • Discretionary

Spendthrift Trust into a digestible summary for the purpose of learning more about this elite and very powerful financial instrument and estate management tool. 

WHAT IS A TRUST? There are many kinds, such as: Irrevocable, Revocable, Living and Testamentary, etc. Trusts can be simple and straightforward or very complex. By definition, Trusts are legal entities that can be used to transfer and manage property and/or assets. Economic Strategist specifically utilizes one type of trust, called the Spendthrift Trust. 

The Spendthrift Trust is derived from laws of antiquity and was established in the early 1500’s by King Henry, VIII. It is legal in all countries of the world. Laws were written to accommodate The Spendthrift Trust to ensure the integrity of the corpus remains sacred and beyond the reach of creditors. In addition, it is used for preserving estates for future generations, shielding assets from:

  • litigation, 
  • deferring taxes, 
  • managing assets, 
  • complementing or replacing Wills, 
  • as well as minimizing or avoiding the complex legal estate system. 

They are time-proven, legal, unique and very strong, valuable tools. The terms and conditions of the Trust strictly define the form of the Trust used and the needs of the people it is created to serve. SPECIALIZED SPENDTHRIFT TRUST FACTS The uniqueness of The Spendthrift Trust stems from the unique manner in which the Spendthrift Trust and correlating documents intertwine provisions that have existed for many decades. The verbiage of the Trust, IRS Code 643, and accompanying documents work together as a copyrighted system to accomplish the purpose for which the Trust was created. The Spendthrift Trust estate management tool was designed to be supremely legal, tax friendly and compliant within the Internal Revenue Code so that the Trust cannot be investigated or have the ability to be overturned for any reason. Since the inception of the Specialized Spendthrift Trust, not one of over the over 30,000 clients has ever been audited, successfully challenged, or overturned.  


The Specialized Spendthrift Trust provides three important benefits: 

1) Asset Protection; 

2) Tax Benefits; 

3) Personal and Financial Privacy. 

The Specialized Spendthrift Trust provides Asset Protection because it is not subject to probate law. No judge, court of law, or entity may remove the assets or issue a turnover order against a Spendthrift Trust. The Specialized Spendthrift Trust is the “Titanium Vault” of protection for businesses, estates, and individuals. When created and used in a proper and lawful manner, the Trust has proven to withstand court judgments, tax liens, lawsuits, divorce claims, bankruptcies, levies, and seizures. It also eliminated the need for a Will and bypasses state and federal probate. The Specialized Spendthrift Trust has been successful in preventing creditors from attacking Trust assets. If a creditor brings an action against an individual or company that is operating within the structure of a Spendthrift Trust, even if they should get a judgment (individually/corporately), they are unable to reach any assets that are within the Trust. If an individual/business/estate is sued in a damage case, as is the case with doctors, professionals and/or companies, they are assessed an award by a court for damages, but the judgment is not enforceable as to the assets and bank accounts of the Trust. The assets of the Trust are secure. The specialized Spendthrift Trust provides multiple opportunities regarding Tax Benefits. As an extraordinary tax deferment instrument, it allows taxes to be deferred until the Beneficiaries take the assets out of the Trust (if, when and ever). IRS law says, “There has to be a possibility for an end of the Trust for there to be a possibility of tax.” The Specialized Spendthrift Trust is set up for 21 years, renewable

A key feature of the specialized Spendthrift Trust is that it follows IRS Rule 643 which states, “Capital gains and losses are excluded in this type of trust” stating “Gains from the sale or exchange of capital assets shall be excluded to the extent that such gains are allocated to the corpus of the trust”.  Tax law also states, “If a trust has a Simple or Complex provision, is Discretionary and no percent is designated to one Beneficiary, that the Trustee of the Trust may make a declaration that the income is either Extraordinary Dividends, Taxable Stock Dividends and that they are paid to the corpus is not income to the Trust”. It further states, “Any property held in the corpus of a Trust when it is sold it not subject to capital gains”. The strategic verbiage of The Specialized Spendthrift Trust is critical in that the Trust could invest in the stock market and profits from these investments are not taxable to the Trust. It also allows royalties from oil and gas and like dividends that are declared as extraordinary to be paid to the Trust and is not taxable income. 

The Specialized Spendthrift Trust provides total Privacy. One of the most fundamental American rights is our right to financial privacy. Although Spendthrift Trust organizations are subject to certain Federal Tax ID requirements to conduct banking, the privacy of the Spendthrift Trust is still kept intact. Financial affairs are maintained in total privacy, and paper trails are virtually eliminated. This is due to the fact all documentation is kept in the Trust log book that is provided with your Specialized Spendthrift Trust. Probate requirements for Wills often result in making a public record of the terms and distribution requirements of the Will. Trusts, however, are not filed and are not on any public register. Legal Trusts are registered with the IRS through an EIN number. While the legal Trust must file a 1041 tax return each year, it remains confidential - as it is not public record. Because of these key factors and characteristics, the Specialized Spendthrift Trust has now become the preferred entity for estate management and provides individuals and businesses complete asset protection, amicable tax planning consequences, absolute privacy, and ease of management that meet and exceed all the requirements and standards of the courts and the IRS.  

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When seeking an instrument that provides the ultimate level of protection and deferment, there is no comparison in existence. Our Specialized Spendthrift Trust has been approved by the United States Copyright Office. Each Trust booklet contains an official Letter of Legal Opinion. They have been vetted in all fifty (50) states and are approved for worldwide use. The Trusts are in compliance with all laws/banking regulations. The Specialized, Copyrighted Spendthrift Trust is designed for those clients who have the most to protect either now or in the future and is a proven method for enhancing your wealth and securing your legacy for generations to come  

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